C++ 2D Array Class

Download the source code for this example here

Built in 2D arrays have the problem that they don't work with the standard library. Writing a normal class to represent a 2D array has the problem that you cannot use the built in style of operator, operator[][].

A general approach to solve this issue to ensure that the 2D array class operator[] returns a class that also overloads operator[], and hence can be used to access the underlying data. To solve the issue of not being able to use the standard library, the class will implement a custom random access iterator. I provide the implementation of this approach below.

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Simple Up/Down counter with JK Flip Flops

Every few months I want to build a state machine circuit, and I always have to think for a few minutes about how to use them, I always forget how to do the excitation table...

So I am going to detail the very simple steps of how to build a very simple sequential logic circuit, hopefully so I can refer back to it again in the future whenever I forget...

To illustrate it I will design a simple up/down counter. The counter works by if we have an input of 0, it counts up, if we have an input of 1 it counts down. Whenever it the counter overflows or underflows we want it to output a 1, otherwise output a zero.
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A Brainfuck Interpreter in Javascript

Happy New Year everyone! I was attempting to sleep around 5am last night and found I could not, and hence I was reading up wikipedia on one of my favorite topics, esoteric programming languages. I absolutely love them! They are so... useless. And hence fascinating.

Which brings us to Brainfuck. Its a very simple esoteric programming language, and I thought, why not write an interpreter in Javascript. Its simple! (only took around 25 minutes to write the whole thing) and randomly fun...

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A Simple Tower Defense Game in Javascript

Been playing around with Javascript the last two days, and wrote up a simple tower defense game. If you aren't familiar with tower defense, have a quick read of this to familiarize yourself with the genre.

You can play the completed version of this game here. I haven't used any external images to complete this game, just pure CSS, HTML and Javascript. Playing around with the game will help you understand the post below, so give it a try.
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PHP Database Abstraction Layer

Communicating with the database is one of the most frequent tasks one undertakes when using PHP. As such its important to have a ready to go abstraction layer to automate SQL queries.

I have written a small selection of php methods to abstract and automate this process.
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